Catalan parties say Sixena works of art removal is a “humiliation”

Political groups reject the removal of Sixena works of art, while Spanish president says judicial decision must be respected


Four pieces exhibited at the Museum of Lleida which will be relocated to Sixena (by ACN)
Four pieces exhibited at the Museum of Lleida which will be relocated to Sixena (by ACN) / ACN

ACN | Lleida

December 11, 2017 01:48 PM

The removal of 44 disputed artworks from the Museum of Lleida has entered into the electoral debate. In recent weeks, the removal of the items has been a hot issue, and the members of several political parties have spoken up.

Spanish government “steals” Sixena artworks, says Puigdemont   

The main candidate for Together for Catalonia (JxCat), Carles Puigdemont, accused the Spanish government of taking advantage of the enforcement of Article 155, which he considered a “coup d’état,” to “steal” the Sixena works of art “with absolute impunity.” “This is the kind of country that Ciutadans, the Socialists and the PP want,” he stated.

Thus, Puigdemont, who is currently in Belgium after being deposed by the Spanish government, accused the Spanish government of using Madrid's takeover of Catalonia's self-rule in order to plunder the Sixena works of art.   

Meanwhile, the president of the Spanish government, Mariano Rajoy, justified the removal of the pieces from the Museum of Lleida. "Judicial decisions must be followed,” he said. Rajoy added that the Spanish government accepts and complies with judicial decisions.

A “humiliation,” states ERC MP

The ERC’s MP in the Spanish Congress, Joan Tardà, stated that the removal of the Sixena works of art is a “humiliation” and asked citizens to remember it when voting in the upcoming election. “We should remember this humiliation when voting on December 21,” said Tardà.

Tardà, who was present outside the Lleida museum in order to protest against the police operation, described Spain’s decision as a “disgrace,” as he considered that the Spanish government is using Article 155 to remove the artworks instead of waiting for a final judicial decision.

According to ERC’s MP in the Spanish Congress, the removal of Sixena works of art is an example of what will happen if parties who backed the enforcement of Article 155 win in the upcoming election.