CaixaForum+ releases new documentary about Joan Miró's great tapestries

Film is first of three productions coming this year made by Miró and La Caixa foundations

El director de la Miró, Marko Daniel, i la directora general adjunta de la Fundació ”la Caixa”, Elisa Durán, abans de la presentació de les coproduccions audiovisuals conjuntes
El director de la Miró, Marko Daniel, i la directora general adjunta de la Fundació ”la Caixa”, Elisa Durán, abans de la presentació de les coproduccions audiovisuals conjuntes / Pau Cortina
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January 17, 2023 02:28 PM

January 17, 2023 02:34 PM

A new documentary about the great tapestries created by Catalan artist Joan Miró is coming to the platform CaixaForum+ on Wednesday. 

'Del fil al món' ('From The Thread To The World') is the first of three audiovisual productions coming this year as a result of the "new stage" of collaboration between the Joan Miró Foundation and the La Caixa Foundation.

The first documentary coming this week focuses on two of Miró's great tapestries, from the public restoration works which took place in the CaixaForum arts centre in Barcelona in March 2022, and the tapestry of the Joan Miró Foundation. 

Developed by the production company BAS and directed by Anna Sanmartí, the film follows the research project and conservation efforts to keep the iconic Miró works in the best condition possible. 

Moving forward, the two institutions are going to work together in new ways, including the promotion and creation of new audiovisual works, activities happening at the Miró Foundation, and research on the painter's work.

The film, and the other two new audiovisual works, will be added to the Miró Foundation's channel within the CaixaForum+ platform, which already has 22,000 subscribers

'Intimate Miró' is another of the co-productions coming to the CaixaForum+ platform soon. This film delves into the most personal side of the artist based on the collections of the artist's work that he made for his family members.

The last co-production is a documentary series that follows the transfer of the Miró Foundation's archive from the spaces designed by Jaume Freixa to the original spaces designed by Miró and Sert.

See "almost impossible" things

The director of the Joan Miró Foundation, Marko Daniel, was enthusiastic and "doubly" happy with the premiere of the documentary and the new form of collaboration with the La Caixa Foundation. 

Daniel stated that this way of disseminating the artist's work and research "fits with the vision" of Miró himself, who wanted to "find all channels to show his work and his research."

"It's one of those examples where in a digital project we can see things that are almost impossible to see live," Daniel said, explaining that the films cannot be a substitute for seeing the artworks in person. However, he recognized the "added value" the films bring, "because if the audiovisual was just a replacement for the live experience it would be very sad," the director said.

Joan Miró: evocative icon, 'surrealist before surrealism', and proud Catalan

oan Miró is one of the most iconic artists ever to emerge from Catalonia. 

Joan Miró: Evocative icon, "surrealist before surrealism," proud Catalan

Even if you think you don’t know him, there’s a decent chance you’ve at least come into some contact with his work, especially if you’ve ever been to Barcelona. A mural of his is painted outside the airport walls, while he also has a mosaic in the middle of the La Rambla boulevard.

Have a listen to our Filling the Sink podcast to learn more about Miró: 

Primarily a painter but also well known for his sculpture, Miró’s unique, colourful, expressionistic style has transcended the art world, leading him to be one of the most universally recognised and respected figures of the 20th century.