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Bruce Springsteen-centered festival to relocate

'No Surrender' show gathering over 1,000 musicians will be moving to Mollerussa to accommodate growing crowds


15 January 2020 12:59 PM


ACN | Barcelona

'No Surrender' may be the title of Bruce Springsteen's 1984 hit, but in Catalonia, the inspirational ballad has also become the namesake of a popular music festival celebrating the music and legacy of 'The Boss'⁠ — one that has become so popular, in fact, that organizers are changing locations for their upcoming iteration this summer.

The notoriety and attendance of the festival dedicated to Springsteen superfans have rapidly expanded and is now entering its fourth year.

Since 2017, enthusiasts of the American music icon have traveled from all regions of Catalonia as well as from various countries from around the world to congregate and play the music of Springsteen⁠ — more than 1,200 musicians attended the 2019 festival, and tribute videos from past festivals have garnered thousands of views on Youtube.  

The first three 'No Surrender' festivals were held in Vilanova de Bellpuig, a village in western Catalonia. Event organizers have chosen Parc de La Serra in Mollerussa as the new location, with the hopes that the change will better accommodate the crowds that are expected to partake in the festivities.

Evening festival

In addition to a new location, event promoter Josep Maria Pons shared that the festival's main event of performing and recording one of Springsteen's songs — this year's is 'Dancing in the Dark'— will now take place in the evening, allowing musicians to set up their equipment and instruments in the afternoon and avoid the intense summer heat that has proven problematic in years past. 

Previous site "regrets" venue change

The town hall of Vilanova de Bellpuig, where the festival was originally held, released a statement on Tuesday regarding the change of venue. In it they regret that the festival is leaving their town, and disagree with the organizers' given reasons for the departure, that the area does not have the necessary facilities to ensure the safety of all participants.

In their statement, they also say there was a commitment of €22,000 to make this year's celebration the biggest yet, and opening the festival free of charge for all participants. 

Regardless, the wish "success" for the next edition, and point out that they can be proud that the No Surrender festival "was born in [their] village."


  • Thousands gather in homage to Bruce Springsteen for second No Surrender Festival (by ACN)

  • Thousands gather in homage to Bruce Springsteen for second No Surrender Festival (by ACN)