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Barcelona hosts one of the 'best ever' Lego exhibitions

'I Love Lego' at the Reial Cercle Artístic features six intricate scenes made of a million of the famous interlocking bricks


20 December 2019 07:55 PM



For the next few months, Barcelona will be the capital of Lego thanks to the 'I Love Lego' exhibition, which features six large scenes made from a total of a million Lego pieces.

On at the Reial Cercle Artístic until the end of March, the exhibition shows off the intricately designed work of one of the world's main Lego enthusiast groups, the Italian RomaBrick.

Involving the work of professional designers and architects, each one of the six exhibits on display took the group up to three years to complete.

What's more, each of the elaborate structures hides well-loved figures from popular culture, such as The Beatles, Captain America, or characters from the film 'Frozen'.

Setting up the scenes for the Barcelona exhibition alone required upwards of a week of almost non-stop work by the group's Lego "artisans".

"One of the best ever," says Lego firm

While the Danish company that makes the famous interlocking bricks is not part of the exhibition, when it was shown in Madrid, it called the show "one of the best ever."

A large city, a winter village, a medieval scene inspired by 'Game of Thrones', the 'Star Wars' universe, a Tyrolean hamlet, and a scene from World War II can be seen in 'I Love lego'.

While it is not unusual for Lego exhibitions to use up to a million bricks, the "added value" of this one, says organizer Jesús Rodríguez, is the high level of creativity and artistry.

Rodríguez, the head of Italian firm Arthemisia's affiliate in Spain, which organized the exhibition, is not shy to refer to the group members who made the scenes as "artisans".

RomaBrick puts on Lego exhibitions around the world, and is made up of professionals who design and make the scenes, and even travel to set up the structures, as in Barcelona.


  • A man gazes at one of the 'I love Lego' installations on display at the Reial Cercle Artístic (by Pau Cortina)

  • A man gazes at one of the 'I love Lego' installations on display at the Reial Cercle Artístic (by Pau Cortina)