2024 at the CCCB: American suburbs, Agnès Varda and Amazonias 

Museum and cultural center unveils "ambitious" 2024 program focusing on "city, planet, creation and thought" 

'Annunciation, 2023'. Oil on aluminum panel by artist Alberto Ortega
'Annunciation, 2023'. Oil on aluminum panel by artist Alberto Ortega / Cortesia de l’artista

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December 20, 2023 09:50 AM

December 20, 2023 01:44 PM

The Barcelona Contemporary Culture Center (CCCB) located in the Raval neighborhood has unveiled its 2024 program. It will revolve around three exhibitions, after the current and popular one on artificial intelligence closes on March 17.  

The first exposition, Suburbia: The Construction of the American Dream, will begin on March 19, while the second, about photographer, artist and filmmaker Agnès Varda, begins on July 17. The last exhibition of 2024 is called Amazonias: The Ancestral Future and will begin at the end of December of next year. 

The director of the CCCB, Judit Carrera, described the 2024 program as "ambitious" and said that it will focus on the themes of "the city and the planet," as well as "creation and thought." 

The CCCB's 2024 budget is the highest ever, at €15.5 million, an increase of 13.9% on 2023. 

Last call for AI: Artificial Intelligence 

The 25-piece interactive exhibition AI: Artificial Intelligence closes on March 17. The exhibition explores the history, functioning, creative possibilities, and ethical and legal challenges of artificial intelligence today.  

Suburbia: The Construction of the American Dream 

The first new exhibition of 2024 at the CCCB opens on March 19. Commissioned by Philip Engel, the exhibition presents a cultural history of the American suburb and explores the different political and environmental implications of its consolidation.

The exposition will incorporate historical materials, photographs, illustrations, as well as installations by various artists.  

Agnès Varda 

The following exhibition, between July 17 and December 8, will examine the life of artist, photographer, and filmmaker Agnès Varda. Quotes, fragments of interviews, artistic objects, documents, and a detailed look at her creative process will all be part of the exhibition, which was created in artistic collaboration with her daughter, Rosalie Varda.  

Amazonias: The Ancestral Future 

For its third exhibition of 2024, the CCCB will focus on the strategic importance of preserving the Amazon ecosystem. From November 12, 2024, to April 2025, it presents a journey through different projects and works by creators from the region. 

"It’s not an apocalyptic look at Amazonia, but a love song to nature and the planet," says Judit Carrera. "The project is an invitation to value and learn from the indigenous traditions that never separate nature from culture." 

World Press Photo 2024 

In 2024, the CCCB will once again host the annual exhibition of the winning photographs and multimedia productions of the World Press Photo 2024 competition.  

Science and debates 

The Raval-based museum will also host various debates and conversations throughout the next year, including the Barcelona Biennial of Thought, which will take place in October 2024.