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12 Catalan films will participate in the 59th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival

Isaki Lacuesta will run in the official competition with ‘Los Pasos dobles'. Manuel Huerga will show his movie on the Second Republic and the political fight between Catalonia’s main politicians at the time, Francesc Macià and Lluís Companys.


30 August 2011 11:00 PM



Barcelona (ACN) .- The 59th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival, to be held between the 16th and the 24th of September, will feature a dozen films from Catalonia. This year's program includes Catalan features in all sections. Among others, it is possible to see the premiere of 'Los Pasos Dobles' (The Double Steps) by Isaki Lacuesta, in the official section of the Festival. The same director has also entered the Zabaltegui section with 'El cuaderno de barro' (The Notebook of Clay). In addition, Manuel Huerga will present '14 d'abril: Macià contra Companys' (a film on the proclamation of the Second Republic and the fight among the two main Catalan politicians at the time, Francesc Macià and Lluís Companys, who both became Catalan Presidents). This production along with those from director Isaki Lacuesta has been made possible thanks to the support of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries, with a 356,000 euro investment.

The premiere of the latest work by Manuel Huerga, '14 d'abril: Macià contra Companys' along with the collective work of the studio Escándalo Films with 'Puzzled Love' will participate in the specialist Zabaltegui section. Within this category, attendees will also be able to see 'Arrugas' directed by Ignacio Ferreras, who is competing for the title of Best New Director, and 'The Monk' by Dominik Moll, which has been given the special, midnight spot in the schedule.

The category \u2018Made in Spain\u2019 will screen a selection of some of the most outstanding Catalan productions of the year including, 'Finisterrae', by Sergio Caballero; 'La maleta mexicana', by Trisha Ziff; 'Blackthorn', by Mateo Gil; 'Catalunya Über Alles', by Ramon Termens, and 'Águila Roja', a film by José Luis Ayerra.

Finally the \u2018Horizontes Latinos\u2019 section welcomes the release of the co-production 'Brasil Girimunho', directed by Helvecio Marins and Clarissa Campolina.


  • Manuel Huerga in the Sitges Film Festival back in 2009 (by ACN)

  • Manuel Huerga in the Sitges Film Festival back in 2009 (by ACN)