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35 to 39s can now book Covid-19 vaccination appointments

27.6% of the population in Catalonia is fully immunized


17 June 2021 12:28 PM



People born between 1982 and 1986 can now book their Covid-19 vaccination appointments, as announced by Catalan health authorities on Thursday.

This means that 35 to 39s will be able to start getting their vaccinations a week after 40 to 45s were able to.

The Public Health Committee has also agreed to allow the vaccination of younger age groups  that is to say, 30-39, 20-29, and 12-19 — to overlap given the greater supply of doses and the more favorable state of the pandemic, but will continue to prioritize administering vaccines to older people first. 

Step-by-step instructions

Go to and click on the ‘Accedir-hi’ button at the bottom of the page.

The default option asks you to provide your CIP code. The CIP is a 14-digit code on the front of your CatSalut public healthcare card. It contains four letters (normally, the two first letters of your first and second surname), followed by 10 numbers, which should include your birthday in YY/MM/DD format. 

You can also click on the 'DNI/NIE/PASSAPORT' button on the top of the page and instead provide an alternative ID code.

The other boxes request your phone number, name, first surname, second surname (not compulsory), and email address. Fill them and click on the ‘Acceptar’ button.

You will receive an SMS code consisting of four numbers. Enter the code in the box and click ‘Acceptar’.

There is a list of different vaccination points across Catalonia, including public clinics, cultural centers, and other buildings.

Select a date (the ones in grey are not available) and a time to get the vaccine. Click on ‘Confirmar Cita’.

You will receive an SMS and an email confirming your appointment.

Vaccination rollout in Catalonia

As of June 16, 2021, 3,539,676 residents have been given the first dose of the vaccine45.1% of the total population. Out of those, 1,988,459 have also been administered a second dose (25.4% of the total population). 2,161,382 residents are considered to be fully immunized (27.6%).


  • A person getting a Covid-19 vaccine in l'Escala (by Gemma Tubert)

  • A person getting a Covid-19 vaccine in l'Escala (by Gemma Tubert)