Spain's judiciary investigates four more pro-independence activists for terrorism

Seven CDRs spent 3 months in provisional detention for same case, while two were released shortly their arrest

Spanish police agents in Sabadell during raids on homes of CDR activists on September 23, 2019 (by Miquel Codolar)
Spanish police agents in Sabadell during raids on homes of CDR activists on September 23, 2019 (by Miquel Codolar) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

June 23, 2020 01:31 PM

Spain's National Court is investigating another four CDR pro-independence activists for alleged terrorist activity and has summoned them, along with two other people who were arrested on September 23 and released the same day, to a hearing on June 30.

Nine CDR members were arrested in September as part of an anti-terrorism operation by Spain's Guardia Civil police that took place in Sabadell and Mollet del Vallès, and seven of them spent three months in provisional detention.

The six people that have been called to testify are being accused of belonging to a terrorist organization, Alerta Solidària lawyer Xavier Pellicer explained, adding that they are being investigated "for their participation in the post-referendum trial sentencing protests and for having ties to the people that were arrested on September 23, 2019."

Although the National Court is in Madrid, they will be able to testify via videoconference from courts in Sabadell and Mollet on June 30.

According to Pellicer, the defense team has not yet received the prosecutor's brief on the case and he worries they will not be able to properly prepare for the hearing ahead of time.

Seven imprisoned on September 23

Nine activists were arrested last September, of which seven spent three to three and a half months in provisional detention.

On December 20, three activists – Xavier Buigas, Guillem Xavier Duch, and Eduardo Garzón – were released on a €5,000 bail each under the condition of not leaving the country and periodically reporting to their local court.

Although they could still be found guilty, the judges overlooking the case could not justify keeping them in prison despite what they have described as a "relevant probability of guilt."

Another two were released on December 27: Ferran Jolis, who was given a bail of €5,000, had "no material contact with explosives," while Alexis Codina was released on a €10,000 bail because even though he did not have any explosives in his home, some "precursor substances" were found there.

On January 10, the last two detainees were released. Germinal Tomàs had his bail set at €15,000 while Jordi Ros' was €30,000.