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Catalan Trial

Former CUP MPs Baños and Reguant reject answering questions from Vox

27 February 2019 07:40 PM

Two witnesses reject questions of far-right Vox

Former far-left CUP MPs call private prosecutor "xenophobic party" and argue "democratic dignity" - their testimonies are cancelled

The former far-left CUP MP Antonio Baños, testifying in court during the independence trial

27 February 2019 07:11 PM

Former Catalan MPs testify in trial

"Puigdemont's will was to speak and dialogue," says ex representative Marta Pascal

27 February 2019 06:35 PM

'Spanish sovereignty not negotiable,' Rajoy tells Supreme Court

In his testimony, Spain's president during the 2017 independence bid says “there was never anything to discuss" regarding the referendum

Former finance minister testifies in court

27 February 2019 05:47 PM

Former Spanish finance minister testifies in independence trial

“No public money was spent on the referendum," said Cristóbal Montoro shortly after 2017 vote


'Human barricades' led to Spanish police violence, says former Spain’s vice president

27 February 2019 05:24 PM

'Human barricades’ led to Spanish police violence: former Spain’s vice president

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría says “everyone saw violent images” from September 20, 2017 protests in her testimony as witness in independence trial

'This trial is inspired by revenge,' says ERC MP in Spain's Congress

27 February 2019 10:01 AM

Catalan officials kick off witnesses testimonies in independence trial

Judge vetoes use of Catalan in court by Esquerra MP Joan Tardà, who justifies protests and rejects "any use of violence" for political purposes

'We can’t allow censorship to enter parliament,' says former parliament speaker

26 February 2019 07:35 PM

Former speaker tells court 'freedom of speech' justified chamber debates

Carme Forcadell testifies in Spain's Supreme Court, insisting "censorship can't be allowed into the parliament"

'She was the speaker of the parliament, and therefore what she did was her job'

'She was the speaker of the parliament, and therefore what she did was her job'

One of Carme Forcadell's lawyers, Jessica Simor, explains why her client's case is so exceptional. Forcadell's lawyers are taking the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

'She was the speaker of the parliament, and therefore what she did was her job'

26 February 2019 04:04 PM

Former parliament speaker takes case to human rights court

Carme Forcadell, who testifies on Tuesday in independence trial, believes her preventive detention is "disproportionate"

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