Wallbox launches 15-minute rapid chargers for electric vehicles

Catalan company will begin production of the Hypernova in 2023

The Wallbox building
The Wallbox building / Cristina Tomàs White

Cristina Tomàs White | Barcelona

September 3, 2021 02:50 PM

Wallbox, the smart electric vehicle charging and energy management company founded in Barcelona, will present next week the Hypernova public charger, a new model capable of fully charging an electric vehicle in less than 15 minutes.

The Catalan firm will introduce the product on September 6 at the IIAA Mobility fair, which will be held in Munich, Germany.

The fresh product will be produced in early 2023 and will be able to supply up to 350 kW and will incorporate a software that will optimize power and adapt to the number of connected vehicles.

“This allows you to fully charge an electric vehicle in the time it takes to make a rest stop.” said Enric Asunción, Wallbox’s CEO.

Founded in Barcelona

Wallbox was born in Barcelona in 2015 and is currently valued at over a billion euros.

It has a total of nine offices on three different continents and counts Spanish energy giant Iberdrola as one of its clients. Also, the company has sold over 100,000 chargers in 67 countries and expects a 79 million turnover for 2021.

The leading energy management sector firm listed on the New York Stock Exchange in June, following a merger agreement with Kensington Capital Acquisition. Moreover, the company is one of Catalonia’s few start-ups to have achieved the ‘unicorn’ status.

The founder, Eduard Castañeda, said all these achievements will help to consolidate its status in the long run especially as the presence of electric vehicles and the use of renewables become more widespread.