Unemployment in Catalonia grew by 7,325 people in October

The number of people unemployed and registered as such at the Catalan Public Employment Service (SOC) at the end of October increased by 7,325 peoplecompared to the September figures, a growth of 1.62%, according to data released on Monday by the Spanish Ministry for Employment. In total, there were 458,406 individuals who were without a job and were looking for a new one. In the whole of Spain, unemployment increased by 44,685 people in October, which means that the total number of jobseekers registered on the Public Employment Service’s lists reached 3,764,982. Within the last 12 months, unemployment in Spain fell by 411,387individuals, 9.85% less than last year.The construction sector is the only area where unemployment decreased in both Catalonia and Spain. 

Image of a job centre in Catalonia (by ACN)
Image of a job centre in Catalonia (by ACN) / ACN


November 3, 2016 06:34 PM

Barcelona (CNA).- The number of people registered as unemployed in Catalonia at the end of October stood at 458,406 people. This means that registered unemployment increased by 7,325 people in October, representing a 1.62% rise, according to data published this Thursday by the Spanish Ministry of Employment. In annual terms, however, unemployment continued its downward trend and fell by 65,122 people in comparison to the same month of 2015, a decrease of 12.44%. In the whole of Spain, registered unemployment increased by 44,685 in October, which means that the total number of jobseekers registered on the Public Employment Service’s lists reached 3,764,982. Furthermore, in annual terms, unemployment also fell in Spain, with 411,387 less jobseekers than a year ago, representing a 9.85% decrease.

In Catalonia, by economic sector, services added 6,482 new unemployed to the lists of the SOC during the month of October, while agriculture contributed 1,293 unemployed and industry 62. Registered unemployment, however, decreased in construction by 614 people. Among those without previous employment, registered unemployment grew by 102 people.

Looking at the different economic activity sectors, the Catalan construction sector is the only one posting a positive figure, with a decrease in unemployment. By the end of October, there were 614 fewer jobseekers within the construction sector.

However, there were 6,482 more unemployed people within the services sector, 1,293 more within agriculture and 62 more within the industry sector.

During October, 267,442 contracts were registered in Catalonia, 14,490 less than the previous month, representing a 5.14% drop. In annual terms, however, hiring has increased by 10,091 units, equivalent to a 3.92% increase compared to September 2015. Of the 281,932 new contracts in September, a total of 231,290 were temporary, while 36,152 were permanent.

Unemployment is growing in all economic sectors in Spain, except construction

In the whole of Spain, registered unemployment increased in October among the workers from the sectors of agriculture by 13,413 people, a 8.07% rise, industry by 1,036 people (a 0.3% increase), services by 34,763 (a 1.39% rise) and those without previous employment by 1,828 people (an increase of 0.56%). However, registered unemployment decreased by 1.68% in construction, according to the data published by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security.

The number of contracts registered during the month of October was 1,867,360, the largest number of contracts in the month of October for the last nine years. This figure represents an increase of 106,750 contracts, a 6.06% rise compared to the same month of the previous year. In October, 166,830 permanent contracts and 1,700,530 temporary contracts were recorded.

Social Security affiliation grows

In Catalonia, the number of members of the Social Security stood at 3,184,436 people in October, representing an increase of 5,858 members in relation to September, a 0.18% rise, and by 125,135 people compared with the same period of 2015, a 4.09% rise.

In the whole of Spain, Social Security affiliation reached 17,813,356 people. This is the largest number ever registered for this month of the year. In addition, the system has added 591,889 new members in the last year, the highest increase since 2005. On the monthly level, Social Security affiliation grew by 101,335 people between September and October.