The Catalan Government urges Madrid to consider Catalonia's potential to lead economic recovery

Catalan President José Montilla asks for 'solidarity and cooperation' with the Spanish Government in the economic system reform and the labour market. Catalonia represents almost 20% of Spain GDP and it is its main export centre.

CNA / Laura Pous

June 16, 2010 09:40 PM

Barcelona (CNA).- Catalan President José Montilla urged politicians to cooperate regarding the structural reforms that are needed in the Catalan and Spanish economies. During a discourse in Barcelona, Montilla said that to lead the path towards recovery, Catalonia's capacity to influence Madrid's economic policies is as important as Catalans and Spanish willingness to cooperate with each other.

On the same venue, the Catalan Minister for Economy, Antoni Castells, pointed out the importance of a healthy Catalan economy for the recovery of the whole of Spain. “The Spanish Government should recognise that Catalonia has the main export companies in the state”, said Castells. According to the ministry’s figures, Catalan exports represent 30% of all Spanish international transactions, while Catalonia accounts for 19% of Spain’s GDP.

Castells asked for partisan and national differences to be set aside during the economic crisis and urged political parties to agree on a reform strategy. He stated that citizens' disengagement with politics is due to partisan disputes and a feeling among the population that politicians and officials are not working to solve the country's problems.