Pyrenair replaces the Lleida-Vigo route with a new flight to Galicia

The Catalan airline Pyrenair postponed all flights that were connecting Lleida and Vigo. For the moment, they will continue operating between Lleida-Alguaire airport and Madrid and will replace the previous flight with a new one to and from A Coruña.

CNA / Laura Cortés

February 9, 2011 10:19 PM

Lleida (ACN) .- Pyrenair cancelled all flights linking Lleida and Vigo until the end of the season (25 February). According to the official statement, there is just not enough demand for these flights. Last January, Pryenair launched a flight from Vigo and Madrid to Lleida-Alguaire airport. The aim was to boost snow tourism with specific offers that included airline tickets, shuttle buses, ski-passes and accommodation in the Pyrenees. For the moment, Pyrenair will continue operating its flight from Madrid to Lleida till late February and will replace the Vigo flight for one to and from A Coruña, also in Galicia.

Vigo is not the only airport that lost a flight connection recently.  Just last Friday, the Catalan Minister for Territory and Sustainability Lluís Recoder announced that from the 4th March, Vueling would be suspending all flights connecting Barcelona and Lleida as the current demand is under 4%. 

However to compensate for the loss of the Vigo-Lleida flight, Pyrenair decided to operate a new route between A Coruña and Lledia.  As of this weekend, the Catalan airline that specialises in transporting passengers to tourist resorts will travel between Galicia and Catalonia. The thing is, reservations for accommodation in the ski resort are lower than anticipated showing the need for a new flight bringing tourists to the region. As of Wednesday, passengers will be able to purchase tickets for the new route.

According to Pyrenair, the excellent use of the Madrid- Lleida route will guarantee the smooth operation of all routes scheduled until the 25th of February in planes that have a capacity for 116 seats.