Mediterranean Railway Corridor hoped to unite Cadis with northern Europe

The Catalan Minister for Public Works is confident about the construction along the Mediterranean shore of the passenger and freight high-speed railway connection, which will connect Catalonia and southern Spain with Europe

CNA / Guillem Sánchez

August 18, 2010 11:02 PM

Prada (CNA).- The Catalan Minister for Public Works, Joaquim Nadal, is “absolutely in favour” of the Mediterranean High-Speed Railway Corridor and is very optimistic about making it a reality. It will run from “Cadis to northern Europe” and will have “two fundamental motives”. The first is geography, where “at the end logic will prevail”, says Nadal. The second motive deals with the economic crisis, where the corridor will “put everything into place” and leave opposers without arguments as the Mediterranean is the “most competitive and cheapest” corridor. It also has “the most potential trajectory as well as the greatest potential for carrying freight.”

Some days ago, the Spanish Minister for Public Works, José Blanco, announced the delay or directly the interruption of a long list of public infrastructures. However, last week, he came back to its own words and explained that the initial reduction of the public expenditure will finally be less important and thus some public works will not be delayed or suspended. The Catalan Minister explained that he has spoken with the Spanish Minister for Public Works, José Blanco, but he still does not know which works will continue and which will be stopped or delayed. Nadal has classified five of the works that were scheduled to be stopped or delayed as “strategic”. He does not yet know how the funds will be distributed within the State and thus how much money will correspond to Catalonia. Nadal stated that no matter what is said, it will have little importance “until it is published in the BOE (Official Bulletin of the Spanish State) or the machines start talking”.