Foreign tourism in Catalonia grows 2.3% in May

The number of tourists that visited Catalonia this May increased by 2.3% in comparison to May of 2009, despite the volcano ash cloud. Catalonia remains the first autonomous community in number of foreign visitors.


June 22, 2010 09:54 PM

Madrid (CNA).- Catalonia remained the first tourist destination of Spain in May. 1.3 million people visited Catalonia last month, which represents 2.3% more than the figures from May 2009.
Despite the effects of the volcano ash cloud coming from Iceland that paralysed Europe’s sky, the number of foreign tourists increased in Catalonia. However, when considering the first five months of 2010, Catalonia had 1.6% less foreign visitors than in 2009. In the first five months of 2009, Catalonia received 4.5 million international tourists, which represents the highest figure among Spanish autonomous communities, according to the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.