First fully electric motorbike to be released in Catalonia in 2011

The motorbike, made by Rieju, will cost around 4,500 euros. The company hopes to sell 2,500 electric motorbikes in 2011.

CNA / Àlex Recolons

October 29, 2010 12:00 AM

Barcelona (ACN).- The first fully electric motorbike is now a reality in Catalonia. It is called the ‘MIUS 4.0’. The motorbike was created as a result of the collaboration between 6 Catalan companies and the Catalan Government to develop the most efficient motorbike on the market. Weighing only 85 kilos, the MIUS 4.0 can operate for 50 kilos and requires 6 hours of charging. It will cost 4,500 euros, estimated at 300 euros less annually compared to a conventional motorbike. The MIUS 4.0 is designed for an urban environment. It will be officially presented at the Fiera Milano and can be purchased starting in 2011. The product will initially be targeted as motorbike fleets for large businesses.

The MIUS 4.0 was produced entirely in Catalonia, including its design, engineering, research and development and fabrication. The Catalan Minister for Innovation, Universities and Enterprise, Josep Huguet, pointed out that one of the goals of the Research and Innovation Plan of 2010-2013 is to convert Catalonia into a referent for sustainable mobility.

Over 1 million euros have been invested in the project from the collaboration of 6 Catalan companies. The project is also supported in large part by ACC10, an organisation that since 2007 has been promoting a cluster of motorbike fabricators and distributors in Catalonia. The six participating businesses are: Rieju, Arianetech Ingeneria, JJuan, Guilera, Beon Automotive and Advanced Frame Technologi.

Lightweight and sustainable

The MIUS 4.0 high-wheel scooter is robust, lightweight and very stable. It weighs 85 kilos, making it one of the most lightweight scooters on the market. Its battery requires 6 hours of charge. It also contains a diagnostic system that can be accessed through connection with a PC. It can operate for up to 50 kilometres, with a 92% efficiency.

Targeted for a large fleet market

The release of the MIUS 4.0 next year may bring the Catalan motorbike industry out of the economic crisis. It has been one of the most affected sectors, with a 60% drop in sales in just one year. The motorbike will cost 4,500 euros and will initially be targeted at large companies for motorbike fleets until charging stations become more prevalent on the streets and in homes.