Corporate flights from Girona to all over the world

Corporatejets currently operates charter flights at 3,300 euros an hour, but it is looking to expand its market. The company hopes to begin transoceanic flights for local businesses and executives.

Xavier Pi / Carla Bonadona / CNA

July 15, 2010 05:16 PM

Vilobí d’Onyar (CNA).- The Girona airport might begin doing business with places as far as the United States and China. The Catalan company Corporatejets wants to offer charter flights to businesses in the Girona area starting from 3,300 euros an hour. The business that now operates successfully out of Vilobí d’Onyar is looking to expand not only in the Girona airport, but to other Catalan airports such as Alguaire and Reus. Corporatejets has a fleet of 4 airplanes, two of them capable of transoceanic flights. “The economic crisis has reduced our flights by 50%, but now that the market is recovering it may be possible to work out of Girona”, said Jacint Puigmartí, commercial director of the company.
Custom flights up to 9,000 kilometres away for businesses and executives in the Girona area are currently in the works. The Catalan company Corporatejets, with its headquarters in Sant Cugat del Vallès (next to Barcelona), is offering the service. The business, which once operated out of the Barcelona airport, is pushing hard to begin operating out of other medium sized Catalan airports. Corporatejets has already introduced its services in Lleida’s Alguaire airport and is hoping to do so in the Reus airport very soon.

For the last three years, the company has been operating businesses flights to places like Kiev, Madrid, London, and the Balearic Islands out of the Girona airport. Now the Catalan flight company wants to broaden their market, operating a steady flow of charter flights out of Girona.

“60% of our clients are businesses, and we think there is a potential market in the territory”, said the director of the company. Moreover, Puigmartí explained that tourists with a high purchasing power may also be interested in their services.

Jacint Puigmartí hopes that their air taxi service will operate in airports where the low cost Irish company Ryanair does not operate. Also, Coporatejets “is capable of getting a flight ready with only 2 hours of anticipation”. Puigmartí stated that with the charter service, businesses and executives will not have to be tied down to flight schedules or the tedious process of baggage checking. “We take the clients to their destination, wait, and when they have finished with their business, we bring them back to the airport of origin”, said the Corporatejets executive.

From Girona to the U.S. and China

The Catalan company has a fleet of 4 airplanes, a maximum capacity of 8-14 seats, and can fly up to 900 kilometres an hour. 2 of their planes fly to Europe and North Africa at a charter cost of 3,300 euros an hour.

The 2 other planes have the capacity to do transoceanic flights and “take Gironese businesses all the way to the U.S. and China”, assured Puigmartí. For these longer flights, the cost would raise to 5,000 euros an hour.

Flights affected by the crisis

The commercial director of Corporatejets has said that despite the economic crisis, the company sees a market in Girona. “The crisis reduced flights by 50%, but the market is recovering”, indicated Jacint Puigmartí.

The majority of their clients are businesses and executives, but Corporatejets provides other services. Among these is the transport of transplant organs. “When the Catalan Government lets us know, a team of medics retrieves the organ, where it is refrigerated and transported via plane to the hospital and the operation is carried out”, said Puigmartí.