Brand new Pyrenair flights to and from Lleida- Alguaire Airport

Pyrenair will transport skiers from Vigo, Madrid and the Canary Islands to Lleida-Alguaire airport for the next five weeks. Nine in ten seats were already full for the first flights last Sunday.

CNA / Roger Segura

January 24, 2011 11:45 PM

Alguaire (ACN) .- The touristic Catalan airline Pyrenair opened two brand new routes last Sunday linking Vigo and Madrid to the Catalan airport Lleida-Alguaire. The first two planes were almost full to capacity with more than one hundred passengers in total. Skiers will spend up to five days in the Pyrenees, especially in ski resorts in Andorra and Lleida. The airline will operate flights to Madrid and Vigo on Fridays and Sundays for the next five weeks, offering in total 6,000 seats. In addition, skiers coming from the Canary Islands will have the option of stopping over in Madrid.

The first Pyrenair flight coming from Madrid airport landed at the airport Lleida-Alguaire at 15:50 in the afternoon while the flight coming from Vigo landed at 21:15. According to sources from the airline, although both aircrafts were 90% full for the flights to Lleida-Alguaire airport, the return flights could be empty.

This is because the airline offers tourists from Madrid, Galicia and Canary Islands packages to ski resorts in Lleida, Andorra and Cerler in Huesca for the weekend or for a fixed period of five days. The destination of the most passengers that arrived in Lleida-Alguaire airport on Sunday is Andorra.

The five-day package from Madrid includes flights, hotel and a ski pass and costs 315 euros. From Vigo, the same package costs 420 euros. A flight on its own between Madrid and Lleida costs 100 euros and 190 euros from Vigo to Lleida. Skiers and tourists may also purchase return flights to Madrid and Vigo if there were free places.