Air Berlin to stay in Mallorca

The German airline criticises current connections between Barcelona airport terminals and opts to stay in the Balearic Islands.

Albert Traver

June 28, 2010 12:25 AM

Palma de Mallorca (CNA).- The General Director of the German airline in Portugal and Spain, Álvaro Middelmann, thinks that the Barcelona airport has deficient connections between its terminals and has decided to keep its Spanish hub in Majorca. Middelmann assured that Barcelona and Catalonia are important markets for his company and will continue to have preferential treatment. After Lufthansa, Air Berlin is the main German airline and the most important in Berlin.
Middelmann, Director of Air Berlin in Portugal and Spain, criticised the current connections between both terminals of El Prat airport. The German airline prefers the old terminal and maintains its service at Terminal 2 one year after the opening of the new terminal. Barajas airport in Madrid has the same problem according to Middelmann.

After Germany, the Spanish market is the main one for Air Berlin. Thanks to Majorca, the main tourist destination for Germans, the airline has an important hub at the airport. Those Germans, Austrians and Swiss who have properties in the Balearic Islands are the main clients who use these routes. Referring to the linguistic controversy of 2008, when Air Berlin published a leading article criticising the linguistic policy of the Balearic Government when recommending the use of Catalan in its service, Middelmann recalled that the airline is a private company that works according to their economic interests and assured that using Catalan in its web page is a non-viable route to follow for his company.