Tomorrowland opens immersive experience in Barcelona 

'The Great Library of Tomorrow' allows visitors to immerse themselves in the worlds that shaped the electronic dance music festival in recent years

The main Aribau cinema theater transformed into the immersive experience 'The Great Library of Tomorrow'
The main Aribau cinema theater transformed into the immersive experience 'The Great Library of Tomorrow' / Pere Francesch

ACN | @agenciaacn | Barcelona

December 13, 2023 05:28 PM

Fans of Belgian electronic music festival Tomorrowland will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in that world with the opening of 'The Great Library of Tomorrow' in Barcelona. 

The immersive VR and audiovisual experience will welcome visitors to the Aribau Immersive Space in the city center from Friday, December 15. 

'The Great Library of Tomorrow' features "the worlds that Tomorrowland created to shape the festivals of recent years," Jordi Sellas, artistic director of Layers of Reality, told the Catalan News Agency (ACN). 

Visitors will take a one-hour tour of a space measuring more than 1,000 m² including several digital art installations, the highlight of which is a large metaverse room. 

The experience is designed by the creative team behind Tomorrowland along with Xtended Reality Music Hub (formed by Blanco y Negro Music and Layers of Reality). 

Festival themes 

Each year, the festival in Boom, Belgium is created around a new theme, complete with videos that are played on the main stage and throughout the festival grounds. 

Tomorrowland has also begun bringing the festival's magical worlds and stories to life in the form of fantasy novels and publishing the full origin stories of the festival's themes. 

With this new immersive experience in Barcelona, 'The Great Library of Tomorrow' now offers a new way to delve into the most iconic chapters of Tomorrowland's history. 


The exhibition is located inside a large library, Sellas explains. From there, visitors can travel to "the various universes that the festival has created." Each one, he says, has "a different narrative and aesthetic and you can interact with them in a unique, innovative and new way." 

It also includes music, such as the legendary Tomorrowland anthem, created by the famous film composer, Hans Zimmer. 

'The Great Library of Tomorrow' is open in Barcelona until March 2023. 

Exterior de l’espai immersiu Aribau que acull 'The Great Library of Tomorrow'
'The Great Library of Tomorrow' / Pere Francesch