Exhibition on Catalonia's technological evolution to open at Palau Robert hall

Event to bring MWCapital tech-foundation closer to the public after deal with Catalan government

Officials announced the "Remember the future" exhibition on Catalonia's technological and innovative evolution
Officials announced the "Remember the future" exhibition on Catalonia's technological and innovative evolution / Ona Van Dyck Colomer

Ona Van Dyck Colomer | Barcelona

May 9, 2024 04:11 PM

May 9, 2024 06:16 PM

Barcelona's Palau Robert exhibition hall will open a new exposition on Catalonia's technological evolution after the MWCapital tech-foundation reached a deal with the Catalan government, as announced on Thursday during a press conference. 

Under the name "Remember the future", the foundation, which has public and private funding, , Mobile World Capital Barcelona, wants to let the public into the company's digital world. 

The exhibition will be about Catalonia's evolution on technological and innovative solutions in different fields, such as health, energy, mobility and textiles. The exhibit will also showcase all the new innovations available at the 2024 Mobile World Congress tech fair, which took place in the Catalan capital in early March. 

"We want the public to know and learn how artificial intelligence can help healthcare," the CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Francesc Fajula, said during the press conference. 

The free exposition will be open from June 14 until September 24.  

This is the first time the Palau Robert halls offer an immersive experience. Authorities expect 47,000 people will visit the exhibit.

Catalonia: a digital innovation leader

"Catalonia is on the European podium when it comes to receiving technological investment projects and a leader within Spain," the Catalan government's vice-president, Laura Vilagrà, said during the press conference that took place on the Palau Robert's courtyard. 

Foreign countries account for 40% of the digital investment that Catalonia receives, Vilagrà informed. 

"The Mobile World Capital helps us position ourselves internationally and contributes to making our technology play a key role," she added. 

 "We are currently living during the evolution of digitalization, nobody could have predicted the current technology 20 years ago," Francesc Fajula said.