spain's unity

Philip VI calls for “dialogue” but insists on unity and “solidarity” amongst all Spaniards

November 17, 2016 06:20 PM | ACN

Spain’s King called for all citizens to respect the courts’ decisions since they “ensure democracy and eliminate the arbitrariness of public power”. During his opening speech for the 12th Spanish term of office, Spain’s King didn’t refer specifically to Catalonia but called for “honest and loyal” dialogue, always “within the law” and bearing in mind the “fraternity and solidarity” amongst all Spaniards. “Spain can’t renounce itself nor its common heritage, from which it has to keep on building a shared future”, he stated. Philip VI also called to “dignify public affairs and give prestige to the institutions” especially after the deadlock over Spain’s new government and the lack of agreement regarding the investiture which led to “anxiety and unease”. 

“Defending national unity” one of Rajoy’s main conditions for reaching government alliances

February 11, 2016 06:51 PM | ACN

“Defending national unity” is one of the key points that current Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy established in the People’s Party (PP) proposal for reaching agreements in order to form a stable government in Spain. A national unity “which is threatened”, according to Rajoy. Besides fighting Catalonia’s push for independence, Rajoy’s proposal also includes fighting towards economic recovery, strengthening the basis of the welfare state, fighting against terrorism and reinforcing the democratic bond between citizens and politicians. PP’s leader handed over the document to anti-Catalan nationalism Ciutadans leader Albert Rivera, with whom he held a meeting today. The proposal has also been sent to Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) leader Pedro Sánchez, who is currently attempting to form government. 

Rajoy may take the processing of the laws to start Catalonia’s disconnection from Spain before the court

February 4, 2016 06:54 PM | ACN

The current Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, announced that the processing of the three laws which would prepare Catalonia for its disconnection process from Spain may be taken before the court. According to Rajoy, Spain’s legal services will analyse these laws and if evidence that they “could contradict what it is said in the Constitution” is found “the Spanish government will act as is has done up to now”. “The government is temporary, but the State, the Constitution and the laws are still in force” he warned. Rajoy also announced that the executive will approve this Friday a conflict of jurisdiction to be presented to the Spanish Constitutional Court regarding the creation of the new Catalan Ministry for Foreign Affairs. 

PSOE won’t negotiate “Spain’s territorial integrity”

December 28, 2015 02:44 PM | ACN / Sara Prim

The Spanish Socialist Party, PSOE, will “tackle its legitimate responsibility” to offer an alternative government to the ruling People’s Party but not “at any price”. “We won’t dialogue on questions such as territorial integrity” warned PSOE’s leader Pedro Sánchez. “The coexistence crisis in Catalonia will only be solved with a constitutional reform and not with a referendum on breaking Spain apart” as this would be “the start of new breakdowns”, he stated. In relation to this, Sánchez assured that PSOE won’t reach any agreement with any party which supports a referendum, referring to alternative left Podemos. “We are for the right to decide but for all Spanish citizens”, he stated and assured that the “brightest pages in Spain’s history” have been written through dialogue. 

Party Review – PPC: “Spain is not for sale, nor likely to be broken”

December 16, 2015 06:50 PM | ACN / Sara Prim

PPC, the Catalan branch of the conservative People’s Party aims to return the trust of all those citizens who supported the party in 2011 when the PP obtained an absolute majority. “We still have time” stated PPC’s candidate for the Spanish Elections in Barcelona province, Jorge Fernández Díaz who is currently Spanish Minister for Home Affairs. He urged Catalans to “fill the ballot boxes with national pride, seriousness, rigour and hope” and accused the pro-independence forces of being “traitors” for “breaking the constitutional agreement” and assured that “nobody has ever dared to go this far”. According to Fernández Díaz, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is the only guarantee “to get rid of the toxic process which is dividing Catalans” and assured that Spain “is not for sale, nor likely to be broken”.