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Strategic gas pipeline Midcat will be ready by 2020

October 5, 2015 03:26 PM | ACN / Sara Prim

“The EU expects that the Midcat will be built by 2020”, stated EU Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action, Miguel Arias Cañete. He made this statement this Monday during theNatural gas and the energy security of Europe’ seminar, organised by Gas Natural Fenosa. The Midcat pipeline is set to be built through the Catalan Pyrenees, linking the Iberian Peninsula with French and Central European networks and aims to reduce Europe's dependency on Russian gas by 40%. According to Cañete the project has a budget of 470 million euros, from which 170 million will have to be paid by Spain. Catalan Minister for Business and Employment, Felip Puig “lamented” the delay in this strategic infrastructure and attributed it to “the lack of enthusiasm” of the French government.

Foreign investment in Catalonia sets new record

September 22, 2015 04:10 PM | ACN

During the second trimester of 2015, foreign investment in Catalonia grew by some 422%, reaching €1,302 million. “We have grown more than ever and we have become a point of reference in Europe” stated Catalan Minister for Business and Employment, Felip Puig. “These results show the world how diversified and solid our economy is” he added. During the first trimester this year, Catalonia was the leading region in Continental Western Europe in terms of investment, both in total amount of investments attracted and in the amount of jobs generated. This growth is much higher than the Spanish average; foreign investment in Spain in the second trimester of 2015 was only 73% higher than that recorded during the same period last year.