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Snowfall disrupts traffic with the worst yet to come

Heavy snow forecast for whole country from Tuesday evening, including coast


27 February 2018 10:53 AM


ACN | Barcelona

Heavy snowfalls are expected all over Catalonia from Tuesday at 6pm, even reaching the coast, with the snow expected to fall as low as 0 meters above sea level. Yet in the early hours of the morning, snow had already begun falling in the northern part of the country. This disrupted traffic on the C-25, C-17 and the C-37 main roads, with cars obliged to drive with winter tires or snow chains during the night. In the morning the situation improved and the snow chain obligation was lifted for the C-25 and the C-17 main roads. Yet, school transport has been suspended in the whole of the Osona county, and also some routes in the Moianès, Selva and Berguedà counties. The University of Vic, in Osona, cancelled its lectures on Tuesday.

'Exceptional, large episode' of snow

On Tuesday morning, the Catalan civil protection service warned that the country is about to face “an exceptional, large episode” of snowfall from this evening. “We will all have to take actions that we are not used to taking, we call on people not to become surprised or scared,” said Joan Delort, director general of Civil Protection, in an interview with the RAC1 radio station. Delort also said his authority will ask the Catalan Traffic Service to restrict the circulation of lorries on the entire traffic network. For Delort, when the evening approaches all lorries should have to stop, “as it is uncertain where exactly it will snow.”


  • "We will all have to take actions that we are not used to taking, we call on people not to become surprised or scared"

    Joan Delort · director general of Civil Protection

Temperatures no higher than 3ºC

Concerning the Mobile World Congress taking place this week in the Barcelona area, Delort recommended visitors use the underground in the event that the snowfall reaches five to ten centimeters in the Catalan capital. Temperatures have not been higher than three degrees in the country, with thermometers dropping to -11ºC in Das, usually one of the coldest villages in Catalonia, in the Pyrenees.

Situation of 'high' and 'very high danger' according to weather service

The Catalan public weather service has classified the situation as a ‘moderate’ to ‘high’ risk of danger due to the snow expected this evening in 37 of the 42 counties in Catalonia. The warning has been extended to all the counties for the early hours and morning of Wednesday, with the situation in seven counties classified as ‘very high danger.’ Most regions, including the entire Barcelona area, are classified as ‘high’ danger, according to the weather service. For Wednesday afternoon and evening, temperatures are expected to rise quickly, with the snow alert only remaining in the central and northern parts of the country.


  • Snow by the C-25 road in the Osona county

  • Snow by the C-25 road in the Osona county