Schools to open in September if pandemic situation remains as it is today

94.5% of students pass university entrance exams with five students earning near-perfect grades

Students sit the university entrance exams in the University of Lleida (photo courtesy of UdL)
Students sit the university entrance exams in the University of Lleida (photo courtesy of UdL) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

July 28, 2020 12:42 PM

The minister of education, Josep Bargalló, has assured that schools would open on September 14 as planned if by that point the pandemic situation is as it is today

"Do we anticipate that in September there will be a degree of confinement that will prevent schools from opening? We do not anticipate this," he replied when asked at a press conference. 

The councilor acknowledged the "uncertainty" associated with the pandemic and the fact that a month and a half is a long time, but pointed out that active homes and kindergartens have been set up in restricted areas. 

“What has been agreed today is what we would go through if September 14 were tomorrow,” he said. He added, however, that they should be "prepared" to take "different" measures if necessary. “We are in a position to implement what has been agreed but also to implement a Plan B or a Plan C,” he summed up. 

The minister stated that in an epidemiological situation such as the current one, with outbreaks and restrictive measures in some areas but not nationwide, "nothing indicates" that more severe measures including the closure of education centers would need to be taken. 

Bargalló explained that in any case the instructions given by the health and civil protection authorities will be followed and emphasized that even at some point Education has been stricter. "We opt for open schools and safe schools. All open, with the security that is needed at the time we open," he said.

The education head also stated that the education sector is "much safer" than other activities that take place outside the home and outside school.

University entrance exams results

A total of 94.5% of students across the country passed the university entrance exams, which were delayed due to the pandemic. The results are two percentage points lower than the amount that passed in 2019. 

Five students were tied for the best grades in the country, earning a mark of 9.9 out of a highest possible grade of 10. 

The delay caused by the health emergency caused much anxiety and uncertainty among some students, but it also gave some an extra few weeks of time to study to achieve the grades necessary to enter their preferred university course next year.