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Roads closed after heavy snow in northern Catalonia

Rail and school transport services also interrupted in some areas



05 February 2018 11:22 AM


ACN | Barcelona

Catalonia’s mountainous areas saw heavy snow over the weekend, especially in the areas closest to the Pyrenees. Heavy snowfalls led to five roads being cut off, with vehicles having to resort to snow chains, according to the Catalan Traffic Service. Rail services were also affected by the snow, as were some school transport services, which were suspended in some areas.

In fact, on Monday morning, the Catalan police and firefighters rescued a group of 60 students, who had been trapped on the road from Toses to La Molina, in northern Catalonia. They were later transferred to a hotel.

Roads cut off

Currently, five roads remain cut off: the BV-4024 near Coll de Pal, the BV-5114 near Campins, the C-38 near Molló a Coll d'Ares, the GIV-4016 near Toses and the C-28 near Naut Aran. All of the roads are in mountain areas in northern Catalonia. On Sunday, snow caused serious problems on the C-16 motorway, although the situation later normalized. Meanwhile, the rail service was also affected by snowfalls, with interruptions in some areas in northern Catalonia.


  • A man removing snow from his car in the Catalan Pyrenees (by Marta Lluvich)

  • A man removing snow from his car in the Catalan Pyrenees (by Marta Lluvich)