Open Arms sets sail for Gaza with a new shipment of food

NGO ship carrying 400 tons of food for Palestinian population

Open Arms rescue ship
Open Arms rescue ship / Gerard Vilà
Catalan News

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March 31, 2024 12:59 PM

Catalan NGO Open Arms has set sail for Gaza with a new shipment of food.

This is the second trip the NGO are making, after the first journey in mid-March which went from Cyprus to the Palestinian coast through a humanitarian corridor authorized by Israel.

The first trip was done with 200 tons of food in collaboration with World Central Kitchen, while this second trip is done with double that amount, 400 tons, as the NGO explained on social networks.

Open Arms, a refugee search and rescue NGO, are bringing food to prepare more than a million meals for the people of Gaza.

The Catalan organization has called for all possible avenues to be opened to facilitate aid to Palestinians and stop an "unprecedented humanitarian crisis."