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Mathematics and physics, once again the degree requiring the highest score to enroll

UAB university asks for a minimum grade of 13.566 out of 14 


14 July 2021 11:48 AM


ACN | Barcelona

A dual degree in mathematics and physics requires the highest minimum score for enrollment according to figures made public by the Catalan universities department on Wednesday.

Students must have a combined university entry exam and Batxillerat high school average of 13.566 out of a maximum of 14 to study mathematics and physics during the 2021-2022 academic year at the public Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

To enroll in the same course at the University of Barcelona, they must have at least obtained a 13.546 average. 

The joint mathematics and physics degree was already the hardest course to enroll in last year. 

Mathematics at Catalonia's Polytechnic University is the third most difficult to enroll in, with a 13.218-grade average, followed by medicine at the University of Barcelona (13.146) and medicine at Pompeu Fabra University (13.098). 

56,529 pre-enrolled students

All in all, this year there were 56,529 students who pre-enrolled in public university degrees — that is, students who stated their course preferences and who will be offered places based on their scores. 

58.11% of them have obtained grades allowing them to enroll in their first choice programs, down from 61.01% in 2020. 

In terms of fields of knowledge, 36.66% of students have chosen to pursue social science or law degrees, while 21.18% have opted for the health sciences; 20.91% engineering and architecture; 12.18% arts and humanities; and 8.04% other science programs. 

There has also been a 25% increase in applications from students not from Catalonia this year, which has translated into a 21% growth in places offered to this group. 


  • Students about to take their university entrance exams in Barcelona (by Maria Belmez)

  • Students about to take their university entrance exams in Barcelona (by Maria Belmez)