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Interactive Fish Center aims to create fish 'addicts'

Wholesale market Mercabarna aims to redress students' eating habits


15 June 2010 02:11 AM


Xavi Sorinas
Fresh fish is one of the main products of the Mediterranean diet. The long coasts of Catalonia have traditionally led to a strong presence of fish in local eating habits. However, while a recent study shows that over 40% of students eat fish at least twice a week, an alarming 23% never do so. 
The new Interactive Fish Centre intends to turn these figures around by promoting sea products in consumer habits, especially among younger people. The museum is situated in Mercabarna, the main wholesale market in Barcelona, thanks to an investment of 600.000 euros. The project has been led by the Fish Wholesalers of Barcelona and is the first of a network of centres to be spread throughout Spain.

Organizers expect 6.000 Catalan children to visit the interactive museum each year. Through widening their senses and game-based learning initiatives, visitors will learn about the fish chain in seven different areas. A crab will act as a guide throughout the visit. The campaign 'Grow up with Fish' is designed to help families to include fish in their children's diets. Agriculture Minister, Joaquim Llena, stated that the Interactive Fish Center should help to create 'addicts' and to encourage healthier eating habits.

The 600,000 euro project has been promoted by both public and private entities, including the Catalan Government, Municipal Markets of Barcelona, the Mediterranean Diet Foundation and La Caixa.


  • Fish is highly present in the Catalan diet.

  • Fish is highly present in the Catalan diet.