Dragon Ball takes center stage in traditional Easter 'Mones de Pasqua'

Bakers expect to sell 800,000 units of Catalan sponge cakes without raising prices

Dragon Ball 'Mones de Pasqua' among most popular themes this year
Dragon Ball 'Mones de Pasqua' among most popular themes this year / Albert Segura
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March 28, 2024 12:26 PM

April 1, 2024 02:44 PM

Catalan bakeries expect to sell around 800,00 'Mones de Pasqua', the traditional Catalan Easter cakes, this year.  

Easter Monday in Catalonia is the day that Godparents buy special cakes for their Godchildren, usually featuring a decorative chocolate figurine atop the sponge cake.

Dragon Ball is among the most popular themes for the 'Mones de Pasqua' this year, after its creator Akira Toriyama, passed away on March 1.  


'Goku' is returning due to the nostalgia many fans feel after hearing the news, according to Miquel Zaguirre, the vice president of the Barcelona Pastry Guild

This year, many female characters are highlighted on the 'Mones', explains Miquel Zaguirre from the Bakers' Guild, co-author of the initiative together with the University of Barcelona to promote science. 

Miquel Zaguirre - Bakers' Guild

No price increase despite higher costs 

The price of the 'Mones' will not see a significant raise this year, even though the price of products such as cacao did increase. However, Zaguirre does not rule out that the prices will stay the same for next year.  

"This increase in prices of raw materials was already reflected in last year's prices," details Francesc Rufas, professor at EAE Business School.  

Last year saw chocolate prices grew by 55% "due to the global rise in cocoa prices". Eggs (30%), sugar (16%) and butter (10.3%) also had annual increases. 

But while many bakeries work their magic on chocolate figurines, the 'Mones de Pasqua,' sponge cakes with chocolate eggs on top, remain the best sellers