Hundreds gather in Barcelona in support of Hermoso and against Rubiales

Now-suspended Spanish Football Federation president forcibly kissed player on lips during World Cup Final medal ceremony

Demonstration in support of Jennifer Hermoso
Demonstration in support of Jennifer Hermoso / Cillian Shields
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September 4, 2023 07:11 PM

September 4, 2023 08:38 PM

"S'ha acabat." 

This is the Catalan language version of the slogan being used by Spanish women footballers and feminists across the world to say, "It's over." 

It's a message that started when Spain's women's team put out coordinated statements following the refusal of the Spanish Football Federation president, Luis Rubiales, to resign after his non-consensual kiss on Spain player Jenni Hermoso was condemned around the world. 

It's also a phrase that featured strongly in Monday evening's demonstration in Barcelona in support of Jenni Hermoso and against Luis Rubiales, written on banners and chanted in slogans. 

Hermoso released a statement in which she expressed that she felt the victim of sexual aggression and that her boundaries were not respected, while the Federation and Rubiales responded with various statements effectively calling her a liar and accusing her of changing her story. 

On Monday, Barcelona responded. Around 250 people gathered in the Plaça Sant Jaume square on Monday evening to show their support for Jenni Hermoso and voice their anger against Luis Rubiales. 

The Unitary Platform against Gender Violence organized the protest in the Catalan capital, which began at 7 pm on Monday evening. In attendance alongside members of the public were various political officials, including president Pere Aragonès, and various trade unions. 


"Those who applaud Rubiales when he insults and blames Hermoso are the apex of the chain of complicity that fuels sexist violence, they are also responsible," a protest manifesto reads

"Sexual assault is a pillar of all gender-based violence. The struggle of millions of women protesting is what moves collective consciousness forward. The universal feminist movement is the one that succeeds in changing ancestral customs, habits, myths and taboos, which belittle, subjugate and assault women by men, society, morality and the institutions of current political power," the statement also adds.

Hermoso is FC Barcelona's highest-ever goalscorer, notching up 181 goals for the club in two stints in Catalonia from 2013-2017 and 2019-2022. 

FIFA, world football's governing body, provisionally suspended Rubiales from all footballing activity for 90 days and prohibited him from making contact with Hermoso.