Barcelona metro to run all night on Saturdays as Covid pressure eases

Open from 5 am until midnight from Sunday to Thursday and until 2 am on Friday and eve of bank holidays

Passengers getting off the metro in Barcelona (by Aina Martí)
Passengers getting off the metro in Barcelona (by Aina Martí) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

September 9, 2021 03:00 PM

The Barcelona metro's pre-pandemic opening times will return this weekend, with an all-night service once again running on Saturdays.

Since March 2020, the underground has only been able to return to its usual timetable for a few weeks early this summer, before the fifth Covid-19 wave struck and the service was reduced on Saturdays, coinciding with the weeks a curfew was in place.

From this weekend, there will be an all-night metro service on Saturdays, while the opening hours from Sunday to Thursday will be from 5 am until midnight, which will be extended until 2 am on Fridays and the eve of bank holidays.

TMB, the public authority in charge of the metro, made the decision taking into account the need to bolster the service during Barcelona's annual La Mercè festivities.

The authority also stressed that Covid-19 safety measures are still in place, which include the mandatory use of face masks inside stations and on trains. Commuters are advised to use hand sanitizer and to avoid crowds as well as drinking, eating, or talking throughout their journey.