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Barcelona has more motorbikes than Madrid and Valencia combined

25% of overall drivers are women, more than the Spanish average


28 June 2022 03:41 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Barcelona leads the Spanish ranking on the number of motorbikes as new research shows the city has more two-wheel vehicles than any other city in the country. ‘Estamos Seguros’, a group of insurance companies, published the report on Tuesday.

According to the study, there are 510,650 motorcycles in the Catalan capital, the same as in Madrid (318,533) and Valencia combined (192,414). The three cities represent over 30% of the overall number of vehicles in Spain, where there are 3.39 million motos.

Barcelona’s counties also have more women drivers than in some other places in Spain. Women represent 25% of the overall drivers in the Catalan area, while the Spanish average is 15%.

Motorbike drivers tend to drive solo as few share the vehicle. "This may be deemed to the characteristics of the two-wheel vehicle, as to drive it, someone needs expertise and physical exigence," the report says. 

"A motorcycle cannot be used as a carpool, as easy as four-wheel vehicles," the study adds.

In Spain, one out of three motorbikes has a Cubic Capacity (CC) between 75cc and 150cc. The second most popular bikes are those with bigger CC as one out of four motorcycles have between 500cc and 750cc. 

In Catalonia, Sant Cugat del Vallès, near Barcelona, is the city with more bikes with bigger CCs. 


  • Motorcycles in Barcelona (by Guillem Sanchez)

  • Motorcycles in Barcelona (by Guillem Sanchez)