Almost 3,000 people take to streets of Barcelona in protest against mass tourism

More than 140 organizations march under the slogan: 'Enough, let's put limits on tourism'

Demonstration in favor of less tourism in Barcelona with the message: "Mass tourism kills the city"
Demonstration in favor of less tourism in Barcelona with the message: "Mass tourism kills the city" / Jordi Borràs
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July 6, 2024 08:27 PM

July 8, 2024 05:45 PM

Thousands of people – 2,800, according to local police – took to the streets of Barcelona on Saturday evening to protest against mass tourism in the city. 

More than 140 organizations gathered under the slogan: 'Enough, let's put limits on tourism'. 


Neighborhood associations, social movements, ecologists and housing activists were among the groups that organized the march, which set off from Les Drassanes in the city center at 6.30 pm. 

Organizers say the "massive" influx of tourists "exacerbates" social inequality, problems around access to housing, and the environmental crisis.  

Un home amb el cartell 'Tourists Go Home'
'Tourists Go Home' / Jordi Borràs

They are demanding measures to reduce tourism ahead of a summer season that is expected to break records in the Catalan capital and in Catalonia as a whole. 

"Impossible for us to live" 

The protest "provides an answer to the discomfort that exists in Barcelona" towards tourism, the organizers told media gathered at the start of the march. 

The tourism industry has "enormous negative impacts in terms of employment, society and the environment," Martí Cusó claimed. "It affects the lives of the people of Barcelona by making them precarious and making it impossible for us to live in our city," he added.  


Organizers are wary of Barcelona mayor Jaume Collboni's plans to reduce the number of tourist apartments in the city. They claim he will instead add 5,000 new hotel beds in Barcelona "and 15,000 in the metropolitan area." 

"It's all about favoring the hotel guild, which we know has a close relationship with the Socialists." 

Saturday's demonstration follows similar protests in the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. 


More than 400 people also gathered in the northen Catalan city of Girona demanding that limits be placed on tourism.  

The protest, organized by the Plataform for Less Tourism covered much of the Old Town, beginning at Plaça del Vi. 

During the march, demonstrators chanted slogans such as "Miris on miris , tot són guiris!" – "No matter where you look, they're all guiris!" Guiris is a term which usually refers to pale-skinned northern or central Europeans. 

In several places, protesters placed posters at apartment blocks used for tourist accommodation, arguing that they are "driving out" residents.