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3D printing generates €226M and over 2k jobs

This sector is defined as one with good visibility for the future, providing more and more uses for the technology


10 April 2018 08:37 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The field of 3D printing is not only exciting and innovative - it's also been profitable, at least in Catalonia, where it generated an annual amount of around 226 million euros. Here, there are more than 70 businesses offering products created through this technology, also giving providing work for some 2,000 people. 

The data may even be higher than what was reported, as some firms have not yet given their information. What is known was shared during the event '3D Printing. The new industrial revolution' held at the University of Lleida, west of Barcelona. A large focus of the event was also the visibility of the sector which is ever-expanding. This is shown by how demand has increased: starting in 2011 at around 1.5 billion dollars, in 2015 it grew to 4.2 billion. The most optimist estimate that by 2020, it could be valued at between 12 and 20 billion dollars, even growing up to 40 billion by 2025. 


  • The head of INTECH3D Joan Folguera and April 9 2018 (by Salvador Miret)

  • The head of INTECH3D Joan Folguera and April 9 2018 (by Salvador Miret)