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Spanish public TV vetoes party election broadcast, says pro-independence CUP

The commercial urges “freedom for political prisoners,” in a reference to the four pro-independence leaders in jail


06 December 2017 11:06 AM


ACN | Barcelona

Far-left CUP denounced that the Spanish public TV (TVE) is vetoing its party election broadcast. In the run-up of the December 21 election, the pro-independence candidacy accuses the broadcaster of “working as a partial judge.” The commercial urges “freedom for political prisoners,” referring to the four pro-independence leaders in pre-trial jail, including Oriol Junqueras, the vice president of the deposed Catalan government.

Yet the Spanish public TV did not broadcast the CUP’s commercial although public broadcasters are obliged to allocate slots for each candidacy free of charge on their channels. According to the far-left party, the commercial should have been shown three times in the TV station on Tuesday. Instead, not only did TVE fail to show it, but it also sent it to the electoral board to make sure it is legal.

The electoral board has recently ordered a banner in the Barcelona town hall reading ‘Freedom for political prisoners’ to be removed. Additionally, it banned public media to use the expressions ‘jailed ministers,’ ‘exiled government’ and ‘President Puigdemont,’ on the grounds that this violates news neutrality.

Yellow color, banned

The electoral board has also asked Barcelona local government to remove yellow illumination to public buildings and fountains, which was a solidarity gesture with the leaders behind bars. Yellow has become the color used to reject the imprisonments, with citizens wearing yellow ribbons and street furniture also in yellow. 


  • CUP controversial party election broadcast

  • CUP controversial party election broadcast


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