Socialists ask Ábalos to give up MP seat over illegal pandemic commissions

Former minister not under investigation, but his former aide has been arrested

José Luis Ábalos in 2021
José Luis Ábalos in 2021 / PSOE
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February 26, 2024 01:44 PM

February 26, 2024 03:57 PM

The Socialists' executive committee has unanimously asked former minister José Luis Ábalos to resign as an MP for his involvement in the 'Koldo case'. 

A few hours after the announcement, Ábalos resigned as president of the Congress Interior Committee but did not resign as an MP.

The Socialists have given him 24 hours to resign, and for now, the party is not considering the possibility that Ábalos will refuse to give up his seat.

Last week, Ábalos' former aide Koldo Garcia was arrested in an investigation into alleged corruption in the purchase of face masks during the pandemic. 

Althout Ábalos is not under investigation and his name is not in the investigation, the Socialists consider ther is "political repsonsability" and expect the minister to resign "immediately." 

"This party has almost 150 years of history and corruption has no place here," said Socialist spokeswoman Esther Pesa. 

The Socialists also announced that they would create an inquiry commission in Congress to probe the purchase of health supplies during the pandemic.