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Scottish trade unions call for release of all Catalan “political prisoners”

In manifesto, London and Edinburgh governments urged to use "political influence"



18 April 2018 06:33 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Trade unions in Scotland have called for “the immediate release and acquittal of all political prisoners” on Wednesday, referring to the jailed Catalan leaders. In a motion passed unanimously during an annual congress, the unions also demanded that the governments of London and Edinburgh use “all their political influence” in order to achieve this.

They also condemned what they called Spanish state “repression.” “Groups of workers have been central to resisting the violence and repression of the Spanish state, culminating in general strikes on 3 October and 8 November – the former in response to the state violence, and the latter in response to the imposition of Article 155 and detention of political prisoners,” reads the trade unions’ manifesto.

“While the Spanish state continues to implement repressive measures in Catalonia and is in breach of its international obligations in respect of prisoners of conscience, there has been a deafening silence from both Scottish Government and the Labour Party,” the trade unions said.

Threats to democracy in other European cities need to be resisted, or these measures can become quickly normalised as a means of silencing dissent elsewhere,” the manifesto stated.

Although the trade unions recognised that there are “constitutional differences” between Scotland and Catalonia, they believe the current situation is an “opportunity” for “better engagement.”


  • Part of the manifesto by Scottish trade unions (by ACN)

  • Part of the manifesto by Scottish trade unions (by ACN)