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Sànchez can still be president, insists pro-independence party

After Brussels meeting, Puigdemont’s Junts per Catalunya backs jailed candidate and rules out new election


14 March 2018 07:24 PM


ACN | Brussels

There is still time and there is still a legal framework in place for swearing in jailed MP Jordi Sànchez as Catalan president. That was the conclusion of a meeting by the Junts per Catalunya (JxCat) pro-independence party in Brussels on Wednesday, which ruled out putting forward another presidential candidate after Spain’s Supreme Court denied Sànchez permission to leave prison to attend the Catalan parliament on Monday.

After a few tense days among Catalonia’s political parties over the lack of progress in swearing in a new president, forming a new government and restoring self-rule, a JxCat spokesman issued a “message of calm”, insisting that there will be a new government, that this new executive will guarantee a Catalan Republic and that there will be no need for another election. At the same time, the spokesman appealed for support from the other two pro-independence parties, ERC and CUP, who he asked to show “responsibility”.

  • “We will form a government, we do not want elections”

    Eduard Pujol · Junts per Catalunya spokesman

Above all, the spokesman for the party of Carles Puigdemont, who stepped aside in favor of Sànchez as presidential candidate when his own bid was blocked by the Supreme Court, insisted that there was no other candidate under consideration other than Sànchez, who stood as Puigdemont’s number two in the December election. “It is as if the legal part has been forgotten,” said the spokesman, who also ruled out a new election: “We will form a government, we do not want elections,” he said.


  • A Junts per Catalunya meeting held in Brussels (by Guifré Jordan)

  • A Junts per Catalunya meeting held in Brussels (by Guifré Jordan)