Public concern over independence falls, says survey

Official December figures suggest that people’s main worry continues to be unemployment

The Catalan demonstration in Brussels gathers thousands
The Catalan demonstration in Brussels gathers thousands / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

January 9, 2018 05:15 PM

Worry over Catalonia’s independence has fallen to fifth place in the list of what concerns the Spanish public most, says the Center for Sociological Research (CIS in Spanish). According to its ranking, concerns over independence fell from fourth to fifth position, coinciding with the campaign for the December 21 election. Some 16.7% of those surveyed identified independence as a key worry in December, compared with 24.6% a month earlier, when Catalonia held a referendum and declared independence.

Yet, unemployment continued to be the public’s main concern, suggests the survey, with it standing last month at 66.8% compared to 65.1% in November. In fact, economic worries have also gone up among the people surveyed, rising to fourth position (22.9%), after having dropped in importance in previous months.

Between public concern over unemployment and the economy comes corruption as the main worry of 31.7% of those surveyed, in second position. This is followed by concern over politicians and political parties, in third position, with 27% identifying it as their major worry.

The CIS figures also show that while concern over independence has fallen, 37.8% of people surveyed believe that the current territorial division of Spain into self-governing communities is the best formula for the State. However, the proportion of people surveyed who believe Spain’s communities should have greater autonomy rose from 13.5 to 16%.