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Pro-independence parties keep majority in Parliament’s bureau

Find out who's who in the parliamentary body, formed by four pro-independence and three unionists’ representatives



17 January 2018 02:26 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Pro-independence parties keep a majority in the Catalan Parliament’s bureau. After the opening session of the Catalan Parliament, a new president of the chamber, Roger Torrent, and its bureau have already been appointed. The latter, formed by a total of 7 members, is formed by four pro-independence members, including the Parliament’s president, as well as three unionist representatives.

Costa (JxCat) and Espejo-Saavedra (Cs), vice presidents

Josep Costa, from pro-independence Together for Catalonia, has been appointed first vice president of the bureau, while José Maria Espejo-Saavedra, from unionist Ciutadans, has been chosen as second vice president of the body. In the voting for the vice-presidencies, Costa was the most voted. He got 65 votes, from all the pro-independence parties, while Ciutadans’ candidate for vice president got 56 votes.

Espejo-Saavedra was already second vice president of the Parliament’s bureau in the last parliamentary term. For Costa, who was number 15 candidate for Puigdemont’s candidacy in Barcelona, this is the first time in Parliament. 

4 secretaries from 4 different parties

The final vote in Catalan Parliament appointed the four remaining posts: the secretaries of the bureau. The four secretaries will be from four different parties: Eusebi Campdepadrós (JxCat) as first secretary, David Pérez (Catalan Socialists) as second secretary, Joan García (Ciutadans) as third secretary, and Alba Vergés (ERC) as fourth secretary.

The only member of the bureau that was already in the body in the last parliamentary term is Socialists' Pérez. Before running in the last election for Puigdemont’s candidacy, Campdepadrós was member of ERC. García was already MP in the last parliamentary term and Vergés was re/elected in the last election, as she was MP for Together for Yes, the pro-independence coalition including PDeCat and ERC. She will in fact be the only woman in the bureau. The CUP, Catalonia in Common and PP parties do not have any of their representatives in the bureau.

A key body in Parliament

The bureau is the body responsible for the management of the Catalan Parliament. It’s a key body, as it organizes the Parliament's work and interprets parliamentary procedure. Indeed, its importance became even more apparent in the last parliamentary term, when it allowed voting on the referendum and the transitional law in Parliament.  


  • The new members of the Catalan Parliament’s bureau (by ACN)

  • The new members of the Catalan Parliament’s bureau (by ACN)