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Organizations urge the EU to suspend Spain’s right of vote if blocks referendum

They denounce a "clear and shameless violation" of the Lisbon Treaty


26 September 2017 08:02 PM


ACN | Barcelona

During a press conference, lawyer and jurist Pau Miserachs denounced a "clear and shameless violation of the Treaty of Lisbon values and principles" and claimed the right "of the Catalan people to exercise direct democracy". The coordinator of the Left Movement party was especially critical of the president of the Spanish government. "The problem now in Spain goes by the name of Mariano Rajoy", he stated. He also regretted the Catalan Socialist party position regarding the referendum. “It has become a PSOE branch and that is not good for Catalonia”, he said.

The document concludes with an “urgent request” to suspend Spain’s right to vote in the European institutions if the Spanish government “refuses to facilitate the organization of the referendum on self-determination”. It also proposes a "peace treaty, good neighborly friendship and cooperation with the independent Catalan Republic”.

  • "The problem now in Spain goes by the name of Mariano Rajoy"

    Pau Miserachs · Lawyer and jurist

According to the signatories, the Spanish president is committing a “shameless violation” of the principles and values that the European Union contemplates in articles 2 and 7 of the Lisbon Treaty. Article 2 provides that the European Union "is based on values and respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights”. Some of these articles are based on international treaties subscribed by Spain, for instance, people's right to self-determination.


They also find the use of security bodies, such as the Guardia Civil "unacceptable" in territories like Catalonia that have their own police. "What they should do is demand explainations from the Spanish government because they are forcing them to violate the law that regulates the rights and duties of the Guardia Civil itself," added Miserachs. 

The letter is being promoted by ‘Socialists for yes’, supported by some pro-independence Catalan bodies, such as Súmate, the Commission of Dignity, the Political Studies Group and Drassanes for Republic. The document hasalso been signed by union members and private individuals, such as the lawyer Pau Miserachs.


  • European Union's flags in Brussels

  • European Union's flags in Brussels