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Opposition on pro-independence parliament breakup: 'Disgraceful scene'

Socialists call on President Torra to choose between "disobedience and democracy"   


09 October 2018 04:04 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Opposition parties in Catalonia had the chance to quickly react in Parliament to the loss of the pro-independence majority in the country, following their disagreements over how to react to the suspension of MPs ruled from Madrid.

The general policy debate resumed at 3pm with the main opposition force, unionist Ciutadans (Cs), calling the recent open disagreements between the ruling parties "a disgrace, a ridiculous situation and an indignity."  

Their spokesman in the chamber, Carlos Carrizosa, asked "what citizens think of the scene [the pro-independence ruling parties] are offering in Parliament."

For him, the several delays in the resuming of the debate due to the ruling parties' disagreements are "inconceivable."

Socialists: "Lack of respect to citizens"

In the same vein spoke the Socialist MP Eva Granados, who called the divergences and the several delays "a disgraceful scene." For her, the recent situation shows a "lack of respect to citizens."

Yet the Socialist MP also expressed "joy" to the fact that ERC did accept substituting their suspended MPs, and that the Parliament speaker, also member of ERC, did not accept JxCat's idea to continue delegating their suspended MPs' votes instead of replacing them.

Granados also called on the Catalan president, Quim Torra, to choose between "disobedience or democracy" and said the country deserves "a stable and effective" government.

"We have an irresponsible government, which puts their interests above all," Granados added. 

CatECP accuses JxCat of shooting themselves in the foot

Catalunya en Comú-Podem (CatECP), a left-wing coalition standing in-between blocs, also took on JxCat for not substituting Puigdemont and the suspended MPs.

Joan Josep Nuet, an MP for CatECP, accused the party of shooting themselves in the foot, and urged them to rectify and replace the prosecuted MPs.

Last week, CatEC was the only non-pro-independence party that voted in favor of a motion rejecting the suspension of the MPs, as well as offering the possibility of substituting them. 


  • Unionist Ciutadans' spokesman, Carlos Carrizosa, in Catalan Parliament (by Carola López)

  • Unionist Ciutadans' spokesman, Carlos Carrizosa, in Catalan Parliament (by Carola López)