Far-left CUP calls for 'permanent mobilization' ahead of trial

ERC party meets with exiled leader in Geneva

CUP MP Carles Riera along with other party members on February 8, 2019 (by
CUP MP Carles Riera along with other party members on February 8, 2019 (by / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

February 8, 2019 01:45 PM

The far-left CUP party called for a "permanent mobilization" when the independence trial starts.

The aim of these protests is to "halt the country," in particular on February 21, when a general strike is set to take place to reject the judicial process.

"It is time for people to speak up, for the streets to speak up, and for the streets to retake the leadership," said Carles Riera, a CUP MP.

He said that the protest wants to "remember" the general stoppage Catalonia lived on October 3, 2017, to reject the Spanish police violence during the referendum.

For Riera, "popular self-organization" is needed at this point.

ERC's MPs to start international tour to talk about "repression"

Meanwhile the MPs of another pro-independence party, ERC, met with their secretary general, Marta Rovira, who is in exile in Geneva. 

The officials agreed to start an international tour in which MPs will meet with representatives of other parliaments to talk about the "political repression" in Spain. Rovira said the MPs will work as "ambassadors." 

ERC will also invite international observers to Madrid in order to follow the trial, despite the Supreme Court having rejected the request by some human rights organizations to attend the sessions.