European election exit polls: People's Party to win narrowly over Socialists in Spain

PP would get 21-23 seats, with Socialists close behind with 20-22, followed by far-right Vox with 6-7 seats

People voting in Luxembourg on June 9
People voting in Luxembourg on June 9 / EbS
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June 9, 2024 07:59 PM

June 9, 2024 08:46 PM

Voting has ended in Catalonia and Spain in the 2024 European elections, and the exit poll by Spanish public broadcaster RTVE and the FORTA association puts the People's Party on top with 21-23 seats and 32.4% of the vote.

The conservative party, led by Dolors Montserrat, would almost double its number of seats compared to the last election in 2019, when it won 12 seats. 

The Socialists would come in second with 20-22 seats and 30.2% of the vote, followed by far-right Vox, which would increase from 3 seats in the last elections to 6-7 seats and 10.4% of the vote. 

Left-wing Sumar would come fourth with 3-4 seats and 6.3% of the vote, followed by the left-wing Podemos, which would lose almost half of its seats, from 6 to 2-3. 

Ara Repúbliques, an alliance of pro-independence parties including Catalan Esquerra Republicana, Basque EH Bildu, Galician BNG and Ara Més from the Balearic Islands, would get between 2-3 seats.

The newly formed far-right party Se Acabó La Fiesta (The Party is Over in English) led by controversial influencer Alvise Pérez, would come in seventh with 2-3 seats and 3.9% of the vote. 

Pro-independence Junts, the party of former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, would lose one seat, going from two to one. In last place would come Coalition for a Solidary Europe (CEUS), with one seat. 

Exit polls in Catalonia: Socialists clear winner

In Catalonia, the Socialists would win 31.2% of the vote, nearly 10 percentage points more than in 2019, according to Spanish public broadcaster RTVE and Catalan public broadcaster 3Cat. 

Pro-independence Esquerra would come in second with 13.2% of the vote, losing 8 percentage points, followed by the conservative People's Party with 12.7% of the vote, up from 5.2% in the last election. 

The winner of the 2019 elections, pro-independence Junts, would lose 16 percentage points to 12.5% of the vote. 

Far-right Vox would see a significant increase compared to the last elections: from 2% to 6.8%.