Energy consumption falls 5% across Spain on Wednesday under new decree

First day of new energy saving decree coming into force shows immediate effect, but electricity use up 4% on last year

A thermostat set to 25 degrees in a restaurant in Barcelona (by Maria Asmarat)
A thermostat set to 25 degrees in a restaurant in Barcelona (by Maria Asmarat) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

August 11, 2022 05:27 PM

Energy consumption fell 5.28% on Wednesday across Spain compared to one week earlier, the first day the new energy saving decree law came into effect.  

Specifically, the demand for electricity was 752 GWh, compared to 794 GWh on August 3. 

However, weather conditions and the reduced activity of industry and in offices in the second week of August may also influence the decline in consumption. In fact, if compared with the same day of the previous year, consumers spent 4.2% more, as on August 10, 2021, Spain used a total of 721 GWh of electricity.

The difference is even greater if compared to the year before the pandemic, since on August 10, 2019, Spain consumed 716 GWh (+5.02%).

Included in the package of measures that came into force on 

As of Wednesday, many businesses can no longer set air conditioning temperatures below 27°C, and stores must turn off shop window lights after 10 pm. Bars and restaurants, and other businesses where workers are required to move around a lot, can set the temperature to as low as 25°C.

With these measures, the Spanish government hopes to reduce the energy consumed across the country by between 4% and 5%. 

Many businesses surveyed by the Catalan News Agency on the first day of the new decree’s introduction were frustrated by the measure, but consumers gave a more mixed response, with some agreeing with the measures on the grounds of comfort and climate.