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Consulate corps believes relations with the new Government will remain positive

Consuls from all over the world and representatives of international organisations attended the swearing-in ceremony, in which Artur Mas took office. All of them stressed the “good relations” between their countries and Catalonia, which they believe will not change.


27 December 2010 11:18 PM


ACN / Neus Pérez / Jordi Font

Barcelona (ACN) - Many foreign representatives attended the solemn ceremony in the Sant Jordi room. Barcelona, due to its political particularities as capital of a stateless nation, holds one of the largest consulate corps in the world. Most attended the swearing-in ceremony and the subsequent reception. In very diplomatic terms, all of them stressed the good relations their countries have with Catalonia and its government. They also explained that they expect no change with the new Government. Representatives of international organisations were also present.

The UK Consul General in Barcelona, Andrew Gwatkin, expressed \u201Cthe importance\u201D of the relationship between his country and Catalonia. \u201CWe always want to work with Catalonia,\u201D he stated. Gawtkin underlined the \u201Cpolitical and cultural exchange\u201D as well as the \u201Cbusiness relationship\u201D as the main working axes of the UK-Catalonia relationship. Gwatkin also explained that the Consulate works for UK companies, helping them to find business opportunities in the Catalan market.

Greece\u2019s Honorary Consul, Fernando Turró Homedes, explained that they \u201Cwork mainly on cultural and touristic affairs.\u201D Turró underlined the good relationship between Greece and Catalonia. He also explained that Catalonia\u2019s economic situation is not comparable to that of Greece, adding that Catalonia is \u201CSpain\u2019s economic engine\u201D.

\u201CThe relationship between Ukraine and Catalonia is very positive at present and we hope it can improve further,\u201D stated Dmytro Podoina, General Consul of Ukraine in Barcelona. Podoine judges \u201Cculture, economy and sport\u201D to be the main focus of collaboration within the bilateral relationship. He believes that the new term represents \u201Ca democracy and change symbol\u201D for Catalonia. He also expects that Ukraine\u2019s relationship with Catalonia will not change, stating that \u201CUkraine consulate was already working in Barcelona when Jordi Pujol was President.\u201D


  • An image from the Orange Tree yard reception, with consuls from all over the world (by J. Font)

  • An image from the Orange Tree yard reception, with consuls from all over the world (by J. Font)