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Catalan socialists urge all political parties to “back down” and work for “reconciliation”

Main candidate for PSC says that he doesn't accept “the country model that the pro-independence parties left behind”




24 November 2017 02:13 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The secretary general of the Catalan Socialists (PSC), Miquel Iceta, said that the party is willing to “back down” in order to form a government that “reconciles” Catalonia and Spain. He also criticized pro-independence government’s policies and urged all political parties to work "together for a new country."

Iceta stated that in this new country everyone will win because everyone "will back down on something" in order to avoid a scenario in which "a small majority wins and a large minority loses.” “I’m willing to back down because backing down in order to agree doesn’t mean losing, but winning.”

The Catalan Socialist secretary general noted that he doesn’t “accept the model of the country that pro-independence parties left behind”, as they were “senseless” and put the Catalan institutions “outside the law.” The secretary general of the Catalan socialists also accused the pro-independence parties of creating “a feeling of chaos” and “dividing society”.

  • "I’m willing to back down because backing down in order to agree doesn’t mean losing, but winning"

    Miquet Iceta · Catalan Socialists leader

Standard-bearer of a third option

The Catalan socialist party said it will support neither pro-independence candidacies nor right-wing unionist parties following the December 21 election in Catalonia, thus presenting itself as the standard-bearer of an unlikely third-way option at a moment of unprecedented political polarization.

Indeed, the secretary general of the Catalan Socialists presented himself as the candidate that could overcome the current political “blockage”.

The leader of the Spanish Socialists (PSOE), Pedro Sánchez, stated that “the 'block dynamic' should be left behind” after the 21 December election, referring to political polarization. He stated this was the case, especially if neither pro-independence or unionist parties get an absolute majority. 


  • Miquel Iceta, the PSC election ticket (by ACN)

  • Miquel Iceta, the PSC election ticket (by ACN)