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Candidates cast their vote amid great expectation

Parties ask citizens to vote hoping for “historic” voter turnout



21 December 2017 04:29 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The candidates of the main Catalan parties have already voted. Amid great expectation, they arrived at polling stations and cast their vote in the morning. After voting, the leaders of the Catalan parties vying for victory in the election welcomed the forecast of highest electoral turnout ever, and asked citizens to vote “massively”.

“Voting for democracy”

The candidate number two for pro-independence left-wing party ERC stressed that she hopes that “democracy wins, as it won on October 1”. “We hope that the voter turnout is high and that we’re able to exercise our democratic rights, keeping in mind that some people weren’t able to exercise them neither today nor during the campaign,” she said.  

The top candidate for pro-independence far-left party CUP encouraged people “to vote and vote for the Republic”. According to him, voting for the Republic “means to vote for democracy”. “We are convinced that democracy will win today and, therefore, the Republic will win,” he said.

Currently in Brussels after being deposed after the enforcement of Article 155, Carles Puigdemont wasn’t allowed to vote in the election. However, he noted that he “hopes that the results of the election will allow” Catalonia “to get back to normality and to overcome the alteration of democracy and the cuts of freedoms imposed by Article 155.”

  • "We need everyone to vote today”

    Miquel Iceta · Socialists candidate 

“A massive participation to overcome a difficult situation”

The top candidate for Catalonia in Common, Xavier Domènech, said that his party “expects a massive participation to overcome a difficult situation as a country.” “It’s a difficult situation whatever we think, whatever we wish. We hope to overcome the blocs, beyond what we’ve experienced, and always in a positive way,” noted Domènech.

“We need everyone to vote today

The candidate for the Catalan socialists, Miquel Iceta, pointed out that everyone should “vote” and “to think what will be the best not only for today, but also for tomorrow and the coming days.” "We need everyone to vote today,” said Iceta.

The main candidate for unionist Ciutadans, Inés Arrimadas, called this Election Day as “historic” and hoped that the electoral turnout rate is the “highest ever seen before in Catalonia”. “We’re calm because we’ve worked hard over the last years,” said Arrimadas.

The top candidate for the People’s Party in Catalonia, Xavier García Albiol, highlighted that “today, there’re real ballot boxes and ballots and guarantees.” “Keeping in mind that it’s a working day, I think that it’s good news that electoral turnout is high,” he said.   


  • The top candidate for Catalonia in Common, Xavier Domènech, casts his vote (by ACN)

  • The top candidate for Catalonia in Common, Xavier Domènech, casts his vote (by ACN)