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Candidate for presidency must be committed to the Catalan Republic, says CUP party leader

Carles Riera hopes Junqueras is released but has no confidence in Spanish judiciary



04 January 2018 12:29 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The far-left pro-independence CUP party insists on the idea of only backing as president a candidate who will push for a Catalan Republic. As the party already said during the electoral campaign, the main leader of the party, Carles Riera, reiterated in an interview with Catalunya Ràdio public radio broadcaster that the individual to be sworn as a president must be committed to the Catalan Republic.

Asked about whether the party will support Puigdemont as president, Riera said that the Catalan president, deposed by the Spanish government and currently in Belgium, should “be pushing forward the program” of the Republic instead of carrying out “autonomic politics” if he wants to gain the support of the CUP party.  

Nevertheless, Riera also insisted that issues that are of utmost importance to the party are the actions carried out by the government, not the person holding the presidency of the Catalan government.

CUP party has no confidence in Spanish judiciary     

Asked about Junqueras’ hearing in the Spanish Supreme Court, Riera stated that he hopes that the Catalan vice president, deposed after the enforcement of Article 155 and currently in prison in Madrid, is released. Yet, he stressed that his party has no confidence in the Spanish judiciary


  • CUP candidate Carles Riera on Sunday (by ACN)

  • CUP candidate Carles Riera on Sunday (by ACN)